To Scale! The cause of, and solution to, all of (startup) life’s problems

Jason Cole slices off a steaming slab of ribeye from my favorite startup false idol – the obsession with scale. The moment that you create a solution, whether it’s a piece of software or a business process, you start to feel pressure to optimize it…this urge to prematurely scale is almost entirely fear-based, a fear … Continue reading To Scale! The cause of, and solution to, all of (startup) life’s problems

Everything I whish every developer knew about SQL Server queries

…summed up masterfully by Brent Ozar in just 45 minutes. All the ways you’re doing error handling wrong and don’t even know it, why that table valued function is going to bring the pain, and so much more. This should be required viewing for anybody who writes T-SQL. Fundamentals of Stored Procedures at SQLBitsv_2Z7m0&t=63s

Recommended Reading

Early in my career, I read everything I could find trying to become a better programmer. Over time I realized the most helpful material didn’t deal with a specific language or trendy workflow, but instead dealt with the psychology and philosophy of software development. Eventually I collected the ones that made the biggest impact on … Continue reading Recommended Reading

UI Wins #0 – Retool FTW

Noticed this gem trying out the Retool quickstart demo. Retool looks like a web version of MS Access, which I think is long overdue because not everyone wants or needs mocks and models and interfaces and tests and controllers and an api and dependency injection and my eyes glazeth over just to add a record … Continue reading UI Wins #0 – Retool FTW

How not to SQL #2

Previously, we established SQL is not a modular language. Brent Ozar would like to point out it’s not a programming or scripting language either. In a programming language like C# or Java, you tell the computer what to do, in order… SQL, on the other hand, is a declarative language where you declare the shape … Continue reading How not to SQL #2


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